Next planned project Art Sparking Resistance 
Another Art Sparking Resistance Event is Planned this time in Lambeth in April -Watch this space for updates – Pease email andrewcooper559@hotmail for info about this and other events.

We see the inherent joy that art brings as a source of strength in our individual and collective lives   as well as a tool for knowledge and communication.

We are interested in how art functions within the challenges people face rather than descriptive pieces about them.

We aim to create a place of celebration of humanity where we will facilitate learning from each other through the various workshops and presentations, and have a great time.

The evening will be a liberating experience of dance, DJs, music, bands including reggae, RAP music, food and drink. This will be organised with consideration for the venue. So we will work with what is possible. We have a brilliant DJ called Zinc Fence already.

Everybody is welcome to the event, the day time will be suitable for children, for example the ghost train will cater for them.

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