The Grenfell Murals

In June 2017 I was doing art work and writing about the appalling demolition of housing estates’ in Lambeth and the effect this is having on people.

Whilst involved in this work I heard of the devastating fire of Grenfell Tower and after conversations described here with people on the ground I felt I must use my art work to support those involved and raise awareness of the underlying economic causative factors of this totally avoidable tragedy. I learnt a lot more as the work progress from speaking to local  people  and  volunteers and this informed the work.

I then went back on the 2nd of July for an Eid Ceremony for those who died in the fire and met Livingstone who was looking after the  now tributary and healing  space called West way, which is under the motorway flyover near the tower

Livingstone asked me to paint something on a motor way pillar in the area under the fly over near the tower, so that  people wouldn’t forget. I was uneasy about doing this, given the sensitivity of the task and the huge gruelling human trauma the work would be about.

The murals were done in dialogue with Livingstone and portraying the faces and people I was seeing around me.

I have painted two murals which face each other in the Westsway fly over area. The second mural was  made speaking to a number of people in the community over a longer period of time and was influenced by the sites and sounds around the summer of the garden, furniture and social events which took place where people supported each other

The process of making these work although initially was a spontaneous response to being asked to put something on the wall to depict truths of avoidable and discriminatory human suffering to prevent them being silenced, as the work emerged it developed into a conversation about the issues and the formal structure of the work, colour shape and drawing with people.

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Some of the work is seen in this video by Krome (R2S)- in the aptly titled ‘No Justice No Peace’ (Prod by Hydra)