This happened after I went down went down to Grenfell  in June after doing a regular  stall focusing on housing and demolition in Brixton with people, after hearing about the horrific fire, we spoke to people and learnt a lot, speaking to local volunteers.  I went back on the 2nd of July for an Eid Ceremony for those who died in the fire and met Livingstone who was working as a volunteer who was looking after a space under the motorway flyover near the tower. He asked me to paint something on a motor way pillar in the area under the fly over near the tower. He said it was so people wouldn’t forget. I was uneasy about doing anything, and I did it thinking it could be painted over. All I could see was people looking in up.  There was also a childs hand print in red paint on the pillar. The painting on the motorway pillar was made over 6 hours Throughout that time Livingstone was talking to me about what had occurred and guided the image . The way this work was produced was in dialogue with Livingstone. above and around the image are paintings made by other people. He said he didn’t want another image of the tower.