Creating New Spaces for Dialogue and Change

Finding an answer to the problem of creating our own space to show work and create our own discourse around issues like housing, employment, unemployment and the treatment of refugees has been the aim of a series of events created in the Harts Lane Space with the RCG group and West London refugee group and other artists actively involved in these areas. This was a group project and we are in the process of creating a discrete internet space for the documentation. The information here focuses on my experience.
These projects have been called ‘Create Revolutionary Movement, Create Revolutionary Culture’. It could equally be said that without revolutionary movement there can be no revolutionary culture.  The images below are from Celebrate Resistance.


Using a slide show of drawings to talk about Capital







Simon Elmer from Architects for social housing talks about how language is being controlled and limited to create a false narrative to justify estate demolition. We need to shape our own language in response and that has been the aim of these projects.


People from the West London Refugee Group share their experiences.



Details from banners and drawingsDSC_0280 DSC_0233 DSC_0296