Guide to Work

‘Andrew Cooper Unseen’ brings together wood, carvings, animated films, drawings and paintings within their historic participatory environments and situations.
One of the intentions of the work is to communicate with materials, which is one of our oldest human impulses.
The impulse to create is alive both in our own personal life histories, when we first  respond to lived experience and is blatantly visible within the expanse of human history.
Responding to experience through making things is a very ordinary thing, just like having a cup of tea and a biscuit, yet many of us don’t value what we make and get discouraged.
An underlying question which runs through this website is, how do our inventions function within our historical and social epoch, of what use are they,  how do we create time and space for all of us to develop this?
Sculptures and wood carvings that have something to say and say it!
image front
The names of these characters above are -Johnny Sweet Apple, E. Con Money and Stan
Drawings, paintings and Banners 
Tongues smal picture
Wood Carvings 
Films which animate the wood carvings and domestic objects. 
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