Those Whose Souls Resist Repossession (Film)

Those Whose Souls Resist Repossession shows the fate of former occupants of a council house. They have come back to life but have been embodied in bits of furniture and parts of the house like door frames they try and find each other and make sense of things

Memories contained in domestic objects are explored in the light of the human dimension of life that gets suppressed when necessary resources like housing get turned into objects for accumulation of value. Objects pushed around like people expose the  social economic currents that are in no way ‘natural’ or inevitable like storms.

The struggles of people and they themselves can become like objects . I think this is a painful experience and it is very damaging in terms of agency, our power to act .

We become the object of analysis

I think I first realised this in a big way in 2004 when my parents died and the council wanted their house back that contained all the memories within two weeks not allowing time for my dads funeral . I can remember thinking that we weren’t real that for many people their lives are not real to those representing and acting in the interests of money .
I found a banister thrown out of a house and carved it and it was like the foot that emerged was inside it .. the object was speaking back. Who made it, who used it was pealed back.


Carved domestic fragments