Focus E15 Puppet Show!

You can now see what we did!

Thanks to Melissa Herman for filming  it

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Sat 2nd February -Carpenters and Dockland Centre,98 Gibbins Road,
Stratford, London E15 2HU. -2.30pm as part of Refurbish and Repopulate the Carpenters Estate

Ron Barret, puppets, masks and initial script—Andrew Cooper

Nelly No-good—Jasmin Stone

Moo-La—Chelsie Greatorex

Mark It and E-Con—Enda De Burca

Cll. Avery Dodgeyman and Mr Do-em-over—Sally Grey 

Altogether!—Daniel Fagbile (with his own army of figurines)

Waddaweegonnadonow— Max Walloftruth

The script has now been added to and developed by the cast. Although the characters may seem fantastical all the elements of the story refer to actual recent events happening to people. The events are real but the characters entirely fictitious.

This performance makes use of the puppets developed mostly from furniture and domestic timber that speaks back for the proper use of housing, as the housing feels slandered because the housing crisis is man made.


fe15-poster-nelly-nogoudCome and see the courageous Nelly Nogood family and friends in their struggle for housing rights against the evil Cll. Avery Dodgeyman and Mr Do-em-over Proper property developer. More info about puppets 





Nelly No-good _

MooLa (the Daughter)-

Ron Baret (well meaning but neck pain)

Cllr. Avery Dodgeyman


Mr Do-em-over Proper (property enveloper)

Wattaweegonnadoonow (a surprise)