What is Capitalism and Where is it Taking Us?


FRIDAY 31st MAY19h
Belgin, Rasmus Meyers Allé 3, 5015 Bergen- Norway 
(Andrew Cooper as part of the Capital Drawing Group at the Bergen Assembly)

Come, take part in an easy to understand visual presentation using drawings and puppets. Illustrations and demonstrations will be used to explore and introduce Marx’s ideas in Capital, which we will engage with together and see how they relate to our lives. We will also look at methods of resisisting capitalism from the struggle for housing in London.

For for this workshop in Bergen we will lead up to investigating what Marx says about capitalist crisis, and what its implications are for us both in our daily life and on a world scale.
What is behind the relentless destruction of the environment, degradation of human labour, difficulties  finding affordable places to live and racism? Certainly there are many factors but if it is true that capitalism is inherently unstable  we need to try and understand why and be able to communicate it.
The discussions will inform the production of new drawings which will be used to go into more depth both in the coming bergen Assembly and used as a tool for engagement in struggles against dispossessions.

What can we do -what is arts role? How does something function in the struggle people face? What is working class agency? As part of the event this May I will show examples of art used in housing struggles in London. Focusing on Focus E15 housing campaign who I work with.


Young people add to a banner on the Focus E15 stall Newham London  

For Future Development
The discussion  will be used to inform the Production of two vinyl banners ,one introducing  capitalism and the other looking at its inherent instability, these will uses drawings arranged together to help people picture the social economic forces involved and discuss them.  They will outline why capitalism is unstable and what it leads to which will draw on relevant sections of Marx’s capital , this will form part of the exhibition in September at the Bergen Assembly. The banners will also then be  used on street stalls where people are seeking to build organisation against the attacks and dispossessions foisted on them by political managers of  a crisis ridden system.
This work will also be produced  in dialogue with Focus E15 housing campaign to  ensure that it is something that can function and be useful in street work and we can speak about this in the Bergen Assembly September as it raises issues of co production when art work is made for this use.   
For more info on the ‘Marx Show’ which will be part of this event